Dermis Leon

Dermis P. León did MA (Curatorial Studies, Bard College, New York), MA (Art History, University of Havana) and BA (Latin American Art, University of Costa Rica). She has been Correspondent of Art Nexus magazine since 1995 and several international art publications. Her essays have been included in major anthologies such as Utopias, edited by Richard Noble and Whitechapel gallery.  She has curated exhibitions since 1991 in Latin America (Havana, San Jose, Santiago of Chile), Europe (Berlin, Milan, Madrid, Torino, Stockholm, Pesaro, Gdansk) and USA (New York, Los Angeles, Miami). Dermis has participated as jury member in several art festivals (VideoAkt, Barcelona-2011 & FotoEspaña, Madrid -2010) (Sharjah Biennale, 2012) and has been invited to several seminars and conferences in Denmark, Qatar, Germany, Spain, Cuba, Argentina and Chile.  She has done administrative work as well as consultancy with several major art museums around the world  including Reina Sofia-Madrid and Art Academy-Düsseldorf, and has published extensively on Latin American and contemporary international art including a bilingual (Eng/Sp) book-length study of a Cuban artist: Carlos Boix: Boix Boxing Boixismo 2015. She has also received several prestigious grants and fellowships such as the first curatorial prize from the Chilean Ministry of Culture (2015). Currently, she lives in Berlin and works independently as a curator. She is the founder of Curatorial Bureau and a member of the IKT (International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art).