Glitch Cave


Coat / Calvin Klein Collection Shirt & trousers / DROMe Sandals / Birkenstock Bag / Stylist’s own Opposite Dress / Marco De Vincenzo Dress underneath / Twisty Parallel Universe

Photographer Gautier Pellegrin from Fisheye Artists Management, creates a high voltage, high impact shoot exploring the full colour spectrum and the effects of refracted light for Schön! 29. With creative direction from Tomas C. Toth and featuring designs by Bottega VenetaANTEPRIMAAvaro Figlio and the use of PVC hologram fabric, the effect is both nostalgic and futuristic.

Cloak / ANTEPRIMA Dress / Alberto Zambelli Jacket around waist / Angelos Frentzos Opposite Dress / Trussardi Bustier / Avaro Figlio Earring / ANTEPRIMA
Jumpsuit / Calvin Klein Collection Dress / Alice Tamburini Dress underneath / Bottega Veneta Opposite Total look / Andrea Incontri
Dress / CoSTUME NATIONAL Dress worn as bustier / Alice Tamburini Opposite Dress / Missoni Dress underneath / Twisty Parallel Universe Negligee / Marco De Vincenzo Scarf around waist / ANTEPRIMA
Dress / Trussardi Bustier / Avaro Figlio Boots / Bottega Veneta

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This exclusive Schön! 29 editorial was produced by

Photography / Gautier PellegrinCreative Direction and Styling / Tomas C. TothModel / Michela D’Angelo
Hair / Giovanni IovinoMake Up/ Kassandra Frua De AngeliPhotography Assistant / Francesca D’Amico
Styling Assistant / Serena PompeiLocation / Glitch Cave by Parasite 2.0 curated by Simona Squadrito & Dario Giovanni Alì @ Bice Bugatti Club Special Thanks to AT+T Color-Dec for the PVC Hologram fabric

by Schön! Magazine / January 4th, 2016